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PPL Project Team

Role Name Email
PPL Managing Director Sue Jakobek Sue.Jakobek@lloyds.com
Head of Operations Colin O'Malley Colin.Omalley@lloyds.com
Head of PPL Market Relations & Communications Ali Dove Alison.Dove@lloyds.com
Market Relations & Communications Executive Melody Miller Melody.Miller@lmtom.london
Market Roll-Out Lead Jonathan Bloomfield Jonathan.Bloomfield@lloyds.com
Market Engagement Martin Baker Martin.Baker@lloyds.com
Market Engagement Lucy Card Lucy.Card@lloyds.com
Market Engagement Andrew Owen Andrew.Owen@lmtom.london
Relationship Manager Support Daniella Elson Daniella.Elson@lloyds.com
Market Roll-Out Coordinator Gemma Dennison Gemma.Dennison@lloyds.com
Market Roll-Out Coordinator Christophe Lacroix Christophe.Lacroix@lmtom.london
Technical Change Project Manager Ben Howell Ben.Howell@lloyds.com
Solution Architect David Lee David.Lee@lloyds.com
Business Process & Practice Lead Andy Woolley Andy.Woolley@lloyds.com
Process Business Analyst Steve Brazier Steve.Brazier@lloyds.com
Process Business Analyst John Partner John.Partner@lmtom.london
Test Manager Dan Turner Dan.Turner@lloyds.com
Test Analyst Dan Wilkinson Dan.Wilkinson@lloyds.com
Service Manager Gill Runciman Gill.Runciman@lloyds.com
PMO Analyst Ali Khattak Ali.Khattak@lloyds.com
LMA Representative Patrick Davison Patrick.Davison@LMALloyds.com
IUA Representative Kim Darrington Kim.Darrington@iua.com
LIIBA Representative Sophia Lane Sophia.Lane@liiba.co.uk
Under 35 Representative (Miller Insurance Services) Oliver Mackie PPLProgramme@lloyds.com