Training begins ready for DA SATS launch at end of September

Find out more about training for DA SATS  - a single, consistent and efficient way of processing delegated authority business in the London Market.

As market interest in DA SATS grows, ahead of go live at the end of September, managing agents, brokers, coverholders and TPAs continue to sign up for the system. Once firms have signed up, a comprehensive set of training sessions will be open to them as part of the on-boarding process.

Training will only be open to firms who have signed all the relevant contracts to use the service. The DA SATS team is now proactively contacting signed-up market firms to agree training dates.


There are three different types of training sessions available to make sure the right training is available for the right people at the right time:

i. Setting up contracts (Binding Authorities) in Tide
for Managing Agents and Brokers (coverholders and TPAs can attend if they wish)

ii. Bordereau Processing in Tide (launching soon)
for Managing Agents and Brokers (coverholders and TPAs can attend if they wish)

iii. Bordereau Processing in Tide – WebEx (launching soon)
for Coverholders and TPAs (Brokers and Managing Agents can attend if they wish)

In the meantime, the following brief video tutorials are available on the LM TOM Website (where you can also find brochures, videos and guides to DA SATS)…

  1. General navigation in Tide
  2. Creating a Delegated Authority Contract in Tide
  3. Submitting a bordereau using the simplified submission process
  4. Submitting a bordereau and selecting a questionnaire to use for processing
  5. Completing a bordereau questionnaire
  6. Resolving errors identified during the processing of bordereau
  7. Assigning bordereau records to Sections and Risk Codes
  8. Approving a bordereau

If you have any questions about training, please contact