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Structured Data Capture (SDC) service is live

The LM TOM Structured Data Capture (SDC) service, is now live.

Following a successful beta test period involving thirteen carriers, the service is now available to all carriers. Market support for the project has been strong and we thank all the practitioners who have invested their time and energy in preparing for this launch. We expect the number of participants in the system to build over the coming months, not least because there will be no direct charge for the service through to the end of 2017.

SDC is currently available for Terrorism, Financial Lines, Marine, Property and Casualty.

2018 will see further development in the system including the introduction of more lines of business.

About SDC

SDC is a simple online service that converts the contents of a paper Market Reform Contract (MRC) – the policy wording – into consistent electronic data that can then be ingested by the carriers’ own systems, removing the need to re-key data and reducing errors. The service means that MRC data can be entered only once and then re-used many times. It will also allow it to be passed from one TOM solution to another through the value chain.

To register for the service please contact your Market Association.

For more information or to speak to one of the team please contact