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Profile of Leigh Anscomb of Central Services

As Broker Engagement and On-boarding Manager for the Central Services Refresh Programme (CSRP) Team within the London Market’s TOM programme, Leigh Anscomb plays a key role in supporting brokers who want to generate electronic global standard messages for submitting premiums and claims without having to build software systems of their own.

CSRP, one of the TOM programme's initiatives, is improving access to the London Market by moving money through the market faster and is key to the London Market Group's work to make London an easier place to do business.

“eSP (Electronic Submissions Portal) is a free online portal, designed by Web Connectivity,” explains Leigh. “It currently allows brokers to generate global standard messages for premiums, with claims functionallity from next year, with no software investment or expense. It is a great illustration of how TOM is working to modernise the London Market by removing London specific systems and processes. It will also free-up brokers’ time and allow them to concentrate on servicing their clients.”

As part of his role Leigh provides information and support for any broker or service company considering using eSP and, supported by team members, demonstrates the platform’s capabilities to them.

Leigh has extensive experience of the insurance market and has worked in operations for both carriers and brokers. However, he credits the skills he has developed as a project manager over the last 10 years as pivotal to his current role.

“The ability to build relationships and trust is vital,” says Leigh. “When encouraging companies to sign up to new processes they must be aware of any issues, good or bad. It’s important to communicate well with everyone involved in the project and keep them up to speed with developments.”

LIIBA has been helping to promote eSP, and Leigh says that the willingness of some brokers to carry out market testing has been invaluable. “Their support and work has been incredibly important in making sure that the platform is fit for purpose and could go live for premiums in December,” he explains. “Brokers will be able to make claims submissions next year. The market is helping us with testing at the moment and we are looking forward to launching further functionality for claims in later in 2017.”

For more information or to book a platform demonstration, please contact: leigh.anscomb@lmtom.london.

Describe your role in three words?  Challenging, varied, rewarding 

What do you enjoy most about your job?  Interaction with insurance professionals 

What is the best thing about the London Market?  Its uniqueness 

Describe your perfect day.  When I achieve everything I’ve set out to do and more