Watch what the team at broker AFL say about electronic placement

PPL Live Platform Demonstrations - 2017

PPL 2-Day Open House Event –17th & 18th October 09:30 – 15:30

Meet the Team Behind the Market’s Electronic Platform.

The rooms beside the Lloyd’s Coffee House will be open on the 17th and 18th of October with ongoing live demonstrations of the PPL Platform running throughout the day. This is a great opportunity to drop by and talk to the PPL Team, from relationship managers, trainers and the testing team, all of who will be happy to answer any questions you may have in an informal setting. The Open House event will run from 09.30 – 15.30 on both days, and we welcome both existing and new users to take a look at the latest release.

Please email with any queries or questions.

Facilities Only Demo

To showcase the availability of facilities functionality on PPL, we are going to be holding a specific demonstration in the Old Library at Lloyd's on the following date:

Friday 22nd  Old Library  Lloyd's  1 - 2pm

Registration: Please email to register for these events. State the day you would like to book with names & job titles of your delegates.

Please remember that all attendees require photographic ID to enter the Lloyd's building and must be a member of IUA, LMA or LIIBA

Ebix will deliver the demo and members of PPL will be there to answer any questions about the Programme. The sessions last an hour including 15 minutes at the end for questions.

Weekly Open House Demonstrations 

Friday 8th Lloyd's G11 Boardroom 1-2pm
Thursday 14th Lloyd's G11 Presentation  room 1 1-2pm
Wednesday 20th Lloyd's G11 Presentation room 3 1-2pm
Thursday 28th Lloyd's G11 Boardroom 1-2pm


Monday 2nd Lloyd's G11 PR 3 1-2pm
Wednesday 11th Lloyd's G11 Boardroom 1-2pm
Monday 16th Lloyd's G11 Boardroom 1-2pm
Tuesday 24th Lloyd's G11 Boardroom 1-2pm


Wednesday 1st Lloyd's G11 Boardroom 1-2pm
Tuesday 7th Lloyd's G11 PR2 1-2pm
Thursday 16th Lloyd's G11 Boardroom 1-2pm
Thursday 23rd Lloyd's G11 Boardroom 1-2pm
Wednesday 29th Lloyd's G11 Boardroom 1-2pm


Wednesday 6th Lloyd's G11 PR1 1-2pm
Thursday 14th Lloyd's G11 PR2 1-2pm
Tuesday 19th Lloyd's G11 PR2 1-2pm


January 2018
Thursday 4th Lloyd's G11 PR1 1-2pm
Thursday 11th Lloyd's G11 PR1 1-2pm
Thursday 18th Lloyd's G11 Boardroom 1-2pm
Thursday 25th Lloyd's G11 Boardroom 1-2pm
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