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LM TOM talks to the market

Join the LM TOM team and industry experts on 25th April for the first in a series of talks on market modernisation. Find out how new technology can support the LM TOM programme and help to shape the future of the London Market.

The London Market Target Operating Model (LM TOM) Solutions continue to deliver functionality to support market modernisation. As the momentum around modernisation grows, appetites for information are increasing, so the LM TOM is hosting a series of TOM Talks on the theme of modernisation.

The TOM Talks will give practical advice on process / technology changes, building skills, sharing knowledge and developing plans that could all support adoption of the LM TOM solutions (which you can find out more about here).

Experts from both the London Market and other industries will share their knowledge, insight and advice.

The first TOM Talk focusses on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) on Wednesday 25 April at the Lloyd’s Building. Put simply, RPA is the application of simple technology, without the need for back-end integration, which can be tailored to complete repetitive, rules-based actions and processes.

Guest speakers will be Bryn Barlow, Partner ISG, and Keri Smith, Head of Automation ISG who will present a balanced overview of:

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA);
  • How it can automate business processes to increase speed and efficiency; and
  • A practical application for the London Market, including a real user case presented by a leading market participant.

If you would like to register, please click here.