DA SATS Fortnightly calls

The DA SATS launch in September 2018 will enable a single, consistent way of processing delegated authority business in the London Market. It will eliminate duplication, simplify and standardise data cleansing and provide a single version of the truth available to all participants on the binder contract.

So far, market interest in DA SATS has been high with managing agents and broker firms already signing up. To keep the market informed, the DA SATS team will be hosting fortnightly calls where you can ask them anything about the platform,  the sign-up process and what DA SATS means for you.

Who are the calls for?
Brokers, Coverholders, TPAs and Carriers are all welcome. Any market participant can join the call.  You might already be on-boarded to DA SATS, in the middle of the on-boarding process or just thinking about getting involved.

What will be discussed?
That’s up to you. You can ask questions about functionality, benefits, roles etc. You can also ask questions about the on-boarding process, the Market User Agreement (MUA) or the EULA (End-User Licence Agreement). We’ll also give project updates during the calls.

When are the calls?
Fortnightly, starting Wednesday 12th September 3 - 3.30pm

How do I join?
Click on this calendar icon , then in Outlook, click 'Accept' to add the calls to your calendar (If you do not use Outlook, then please  send an email to tom@tomsupports.london to be manually added to the calendar invites.)