DA SATS, making life easier for coverholders

As we move closer to the September go-live for DA SATS, market firms are busy getting ready to start using the system which provides a consistent way of processing Delegated Authority business in the London Market.

One of the key benefits of DA SATS is that it makes life much easier for coverholders who will have a single set of reporting standards for all carriers and will only have to send data once. In order to support coverholders in their adoption of DA SATS and ensure they are able to take advantage of a single, consistent process, we have created a coverholder guide to sit alongside the existing DA SATS information, click here.

Click here to access the Coverholder Guide.

The Coverholder Guide includes information on what DA SATS means for coverholders, FAQs and a handy on-boarding checklist to guide you through the process of getting ready to use DA SATS.  We are encouraging brokers and managing agents to share this pack with their coverholders as they continue to have conversations about DA SATS with their commercial partners across the market.

For more information on DA SATS, contact DASATSadoption@lmtom.london.