LM TOM Introduction

London Market Target Operating Model Overview

The LM TOM programme aims to make it easier to do business in the London Market. It is making London more accessible to our customers and providing more efficient and cost-effective services that better meet their needs.

Benefits that customers will see include:
• Better data, bringing efficiencies and clarity to the market;
• Enhanced central services, promoting consistent standards and avoiding duplication of work;
• Real progress towards the end goal of one-touch data capture and straight-through processing.

The solutions, listed below, were developed in close collaboration with the London Market. They are designed to replace administrative, paper-based processes with more efficient and transparent systems across the entire market process, while retaining the expertise and face-to-face, strong relationships that the London Market is renowned and respected for.

Placing Platform Limited (PPL)
Structured Data Capture (SDC)
Central Services Refresh Programme (CSRP)
Delegated Authority (DA)
Data Integration (DI)

These business solutions are key to the success of the LM TOM. However, they will be underpinned by the skills and knowledge base of our market practitioners – vital to placing the big and complex risks that the London Market is renowned for. To ensure the programme’s success, the London Market must learn to embrace the changes that these solutions are bringing. This is no easy task but, unless we build on the momentum that has started we put our investment, and the future of the London Market, at risk.

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