Who is behind the LM TOM: Governance

London Market Group (LMG)

LMG is the senior body helping in creating and articulating the vision for the way insurance in transacted among the members of London Market and in identifying areas that can improve London Market’s competitive position.

LM TOM Steering Board

The LM TOM Steering Board, chaired by John Neal, manages and supports the delivery of the LM TOM to deliver the LMG modernisation strategy, including the provision of a single reporting mechanism on market modernisation progress to the market.

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Download LM TOM Steering Board terms of reference

LM TOM Working Group

LM TOM Working Group, chaired by Adrian Thornycroft, holds the delegated authority from the LM TOM Steering Board to ensure the delivery of the programme on budget, to scope and on time, and take actions as needed to ensure that these remain on target.

Download LM TOM Working Group terms of reference

LM TOM Risk Assurance

LM TOM Risk Assurance is provided through a monthly LM TOM Working Group review of programme risks.

Strategic Design Authority

LM TOM Strategic Design Authority owns the LM TOM blueprint and ensures all the project designs deliver the LM TOM blueprint and LM TOM end state.

Download LM TOM Strategic Design Authority terms of reference

LM TOM Programme Coordination Board

LM TOM Programme Coordination Board,  chaired by Adrian Thornycroft, focuses on ensuring the activities, processes, milestones and decisions of all the programmes / projects are coordinated and aligned to deliver a unified outcome and on managing / mitigating the overall programme level risks / issues.

Download LM TOM Programme Coordination Board terms of reference

Programme / Project Boards

Programme / Project Boards deliver the change programmes / projects to build market services to the agreed time, budget and quality standards.

Download Programme / Project Boards terms of reference

Project Team

Project Team includes the project resources and the business resources responsible for defining the requirements and developing the solution.

Wider Community

Wider Community includes the the stakeholders from the wider community, who will provide inputs to the Project Team to shape the solution, provide QA and help organise Market Acceptance.

Market Committees and the Standard Bodies

Market Committees and the Standard Bodies will give market insights / feedback and standards and compliance inputs to the Strategic Design Authority, Project Team Groups, Business Groups and the Project Boards.