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The LM TOM Change Management team is the focal point for helping you to structure and implement change within your organisation. The Change Adoption team is here to help you deliver change effectively by providing you with tools and accelerators to quickly and safely enable change within your organisation. The team will support organisations at every stage of the LM TOM journey, whether at the very start or whether you have already progressed with one or more solutions.


Below you will find a Change Adoption Toolkit which outlines the potential benefit of each LM TOM solution on your business operations.

You can choose to work through the material independently or, if you prefer, we can run a series of two workshops (3 hours in total) to discuss the potential benefit of the LM TOM programme for your organisation. Please contact Allen Bruce (Head of Change Management) if you would like to attend the Change Adoption workshops.

Change Adoption Toolkit

Download our Change Adoption Toolkit here.


Mission Control Reporting Template

Download our Mission Control Reporting Template here.