Campaign toolkit for phase 2

Thank you for supporting the first phase of our campaign to modernise the London Market with the electronic placement of risks through PPL.

We are now moving to the next phase, highlighting some of the benefits that PPL provides, which have been informed through the campaign tracking survey that we’ve recently conducted.

Please download the toolkit for phase 2, which again contains a suite of assets to use in your office and across your own communications channels.

Download Phase 2 Toolkit

The more ways you can use the campaign assets, the more successful the campaign will be. So please make full use of the toolkit’s collateral in your office and across all your social media channels. And encourage your CEO to help drive usage by using the new CEO email template.

In addition, our PPL team are happy to either come to your office and deliver a PPL demonstration for your broking or underwriting teams, or invite them to an open house session in Lloyd’s or LIIBA offices.

Thank you for your continued support. Together we can create a stronger future for our market and our clients.

Allen Bruce
Head of Change and Communications
London Market Target Operating Model