About the campaign

The London Market Group has launched a campaign to build enthusiasm for — and increase the adoption of — the electronic placement of risks through PPL.

Technology is the most powerful driver of change in the world today. We need to embrace it to modernise our market, and PPL is the front end of that process. Clients rely on your expertise every day, and electronic placement complements the face-to-face sharing of that expertise, which is required to place the complex risks for which our market is renowned.

Brokers and carriers are increasingly using PPL, and the market associations (LIIBA, IUA and LMA) are supporting electronic placement. Let’s build on what’s already started and show how the London Market can respond to change.

You may see elements of the campaign in your own office and around EC3. That’s because we want everyone to get involved and help modernise the London Market.

PPL. Together we’re shaping a stronger future for our market and our clients.

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Place your risks electronically and be part of the modernisation of the London Market.

PPL is still evolving, but by signing up, getting trained and providing feedback, you can help us develop it further. And together, we’ll build a London Market fit for the future.

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