Everything needs to evolve. Our market is no different.

The London Market has never stood still. As our clients’ needs have evolved, we’ve continually pushed ourselves to develop, to innovate, and advance our expertise.

What is PPL?

PPL is an electronic placement platform, built by the market for the market, and like the London Market, it’s still evolving. These web pages are aimed at building enthusiasm and adoption of the platform across the market — providing the information you need to find out more, sign up, get trained and provide feedback to develop it further.

PPL is an important step in the modernisation of the London Market. Together, we’re shaping a stronger future for our market and our clients.

PPL Benefits

Helping you sustain strong relationships

Strong relationships are critical to London’s success. PPL doesn’t replace face-to-face interaction — PPL complements it.

The digital platform removes the need for many time consuming manual tasks, and helps you deal with straightforward transactions efficiently — so you have more time for the conversations and meetings that really matter.

Focusing your expertise where it matters

By removing paper and time consuming manual tasks from the process, and creating the ability to quote, negotiate, bind and endorse business digitally — PPL creates time and space to prioritise the complex deals that demand more of your expertise.

More fluid and productive working

PPL makes your working day more productive — enabling you to work flexibly by removing the constraints of working hours and box times.

Making life easier for your clients

PPL can help you provide a better service to your clients. Replacing paper means the placement process can happen more quickly, and provide a range of benefits throughout the life of a risk. Switching to electronic data can also speed up everything from turnaround times and policy fulfilment, to premium allocation and claims settlement.

One single audit trail

Streamlining the risk placement process creates one audit trail and one central repository — enabling easier access to reference data to help meet compliance needs.

Moving into the digital age

In the digital age, our clients see slip cases and piles of paper as old fashioned and inefficient. By moving risk placement online, PPL removes paper from the process, and supports those important face-to-face negotiations.

Be part of the change

Start placing your risks electronically and be part of the modernisation of the London Market.

PPL is still evolving, but by signing up, getting trained and providing feedback, you can help us develop it further. And together, we’ll build a London Market fit for the future.

How can I be part of the change?

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