Common Services (CS)

An Overview for COOs & CEOs

As part of the LM TOM programme, Common Services (CS) is a suite of tools to help market participants access LM TOM Solutions. It includes enabling people to use a single set of credentials to sign on to any LM TOM application. CS will be a condition of use for all new LM TOM Solutions (starting with DA SATS in Q4 2018) and for all existing TOM services thereafter.

1. Single Sign On (SSO)

Enables users to access LM TOM services with a single username and password. This will usually be the same credentials for accessing their own Organisational IT. SSO will become the standard method for accessing LM TOM Solutions.

Benefits for Market Firms

  • Administrative control remains with the organisation.
  • Only one account per user for IT to manage.
  • Time is not wasted logging in repeatedly.

Benefits for Users

  • Only one username and password to remember.
  • No need to log in repeatedly or remember multiple passwords.

 2. Application Programme Interface Gateway (API GWY)

Secure and simple method for integrating your IT systems with other market-wide Solutions.

Benefits for Market Firms

  • Allows in-house and LM TOM systems to interact without expensive and time-consuming integration.

Benefits for Users

  • Less re-keying required.
  • Better user experience between in-house and external systems.

3. Secure Data Exchange (SDE)

An optional product that allows simple, secure exchanging of data across the market.

Benefits for Market Firms

  • Data can be shared securely with users in accredited market organisations.
  • Data is securely encrypted and automatically deleted after a maximum of two weeks.
  • Auditable record is created of all files shared.
  • SDE can easily work with existing IT systems.

Benefits for Users

  • Data files can be shared quickly and securely through a method that is GDPR compliant.
  • Large quantities of data can be sent in any file format to multiple participants in other trusted Market organisations.
  • Outdated file sharing systems reliant on IT support Eg sFTP are no longer needed.

How it works

The CS system holds a user’s name and email address but never holds passwords. It is based around Microsoft’s Azure B2B service using your existing Azure Active Directory (AAD). We also offer solutions for organisations that do not have an existing AAD presence, although using your own AAD will allow you to realise the maximum benefit from SSO.