The Future of Claims: watch the video and let us know your views

Case Studies

London Market firms share their experience of adopting LM TOM Solutions


Chris Coyne, Head of Operations for Antares, shares his experience of SDC and offers advice to firms thinking of adopting the service.

JLT Specialty

JLT Specialty Ltd started its adoption of PPL. The LM TOM team and PPL interviewed Head of Operations, Clare Lebecq, to understand the approach.


The LM TOM team spoke to Mark McGregor, Director of New Product Development, to find out
how Trace is embracing modernisation.


Declan Marshall describes how his firm’s open-door policy and proactive communications strategy are paving the way to successful change adoption.


The London Market TOM Change and Placing Platform Ltd (PPL) team interviewed Adam Rushin, Director of Operations for Hiscox, to find out the firm’s approach to adopting PPL.

Ed Broking

Heather Clarkson, Managing Director, Marine, Ed Broking, spoke to the LM TOM and PPL teams about why the firm’s Marine team is passionate about modernising the London Market.


Alistair Barrett, Chief Operating Officer, and Kirsten Leslie, Head of Business Services, urge brokers and carriers to adopt electronic placement now and be part of the drive towards market modernisation.


Brit representatives discuss the group’s approach to adopting electronic placement and explain why digital technology is key to the future success of the London Market.