How LM TOM benefits me

Carrier Benefits

Practitioner Benefits Saves me time for generating new business / focusing on more value-add work Supports my face-to-face negotiations and conversations during placement or post bind activities
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Online placement quotes and information prepares me for more focused conversations with brokers
I don’t have to track emails manually - all correspondence through PPL is automatically tracked
I can access risk negotiation information instantly online
I have better visibility of slips and their progress online
My turnaround time for quotes, firm orders and endorsements is much quicker
I will no longer have to manually scratch / wet stamp hundreds of contract pages
I can work flexibly as I can access PPL even when I'm not in the office
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I have greater visibility of carrier-related queries as they come directly to carriers
I will see a reduction in trapped premium
There are fewer Bureau queries for me to resolve
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My paper documents are automatically digitialised so less data entry is needed
I can see completed risks in my Policy Administration System faster than relying on manual data input
As additional document types are added to the service, I will have access to more data supporting underwriting decisions
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Common data definitions mean I spend less time addressing inconsistencies
Any data disputes are easier for me to resolve against a single source of the truth
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I have access to a central source of mapped, transformed and validated coverholder / MGA data
All my coverholders / MGAs report consistently to agreed standards providing me with consistent data
I have improved portfolio analysis capabilities which can support profitable pricing strategies
I am better able to meet DA Business Regulatory requirements