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PPL Team

Role Name Email
PPL Managing Director Sue Jakobek
Head of Operations Colin O'Malley
Head of PPL Market Relations & Communications Ali Dove
Market Relations & Communications Executive Melody Miller
Market Roll-Out Lead Jonathan Bloomfield
Market Engagement Martin Baker
Market Engagement Lucy Card
Market Engagement Andrew Owen
Relationship Manager Support Daniella Elson
Market Roll-Out Coordinator Gemma Dennison
Market Roll-Out Coordinator Christophe Lacroix
Technical Change Project Manager Ben Howell
Solution Architect David Lee
Business Process & Practice Lead Andy Woolley
Office Manager Ruth Sharifi
Process Business Analyst John Partner
Test Manager Dan Turner
Test Analyst Dan Wilkinson
Service Manager Gill Runciman
PMO Analyst Ali Khattak
LMA Representative Patrick Davison
IUA Representative Kim Darrington
LIIBA Representative Sophia Lane
Under 35 Representative (Miller Insurance Services) Oliver Mackie