SCAP delivers faster claims agreement and processing

The SCAP initiative simplifies the settlement of lower value (£250,000 or below), non-complex, multi-party claims. A DXC solution to remove the follower effort from this process has gone live today which will accelerate the agreement and processing of claims within the SCAP limits.

With go-live, all effort previously carried out by SCAP follower carriers has now been transferred over to DXC who will leverage automation technology, overseen by the SCAP Working Group and SCAP Governance Team to further reduce manual processing as volumes increase.

Followers will continue to receive a daily SCAP notification report and will continue to have visibility of the claim throughout its life cycle.

This model will:

  • Remove effort from SCAP follower carriers freeing up time for more value-add work
  • Eliminate re-keying and re-adjustment of claims during processing, avoiding duplication
  • Accelerate claims agreement and processing reducing administration time
  • Accelerate SCAP claims settlement meaning a faster service for policyholders
  • Enable a centralised quality control process, reducing delays caused by queries

The Claims / DLT project within the LM TOM continues to explore both long- and short-term solutions to improve the claims process, please contact us below with any feedback, ideas or comments you have.

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