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Market modernisation campaign launches

A campaign to support London Market modernisation launched today, Monday 25 June. Seeking to increase awareness and drive adoption of Placing Platform Limited (PPL) among market practitioners, it conveys a clear imperative for the market to modernise the way it works.

Market research carried out with brokers and underwriters earlier this year has helped to ensure that both the messaging and the creative are rooted in insight to effectively target the key barriers to adoption. The LM TOM Communications Team worked closely together with LIIBA, LMA, IUA, Lloyd’s Communications, LMG, PPL, and Market Firm representatives, alongside research and creative partners .

Help us to spread the word that, together, we are shaping a stronger future for the London Market and our clients. Encourage your colleagues to get on board and to work with their business partners – whether brokers or underwriters – to make change happen.

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