Progress is being made with the automation of SCAP

Following the launch of the Single Claims Agreement Party (SCAP) arrangements earlier this year, options for the automation of SCAP processing are progressing.

The SCAP initiative was delivered by the London Market in early 2018 to make it easier to settle lower value (£250,000 or below), non-complex claims where there are multiple London agreement parties.

Options for automation

The SCAP Working Group, which consists of claims experts across market firms as well as LIIBA and LMA representatives, has looked at several options for automation. A range of solutions across several suppliers were discussed and the Working Group’s recommendation was a DXC SCAP solution. This will allow carriers to transfer effort to DXC immediately for manual processing while implementing a plan for a rapid switch to an automated process. The transition, which is standard for DXC solutions, will be overseen and approved by the SCAP Working Group and SCAP Governance Team.

Efficiencies in claims process

The automation of the SCAP initiative builds on the value delivered to policyholders as they will see efficiencies in the claims process and, ultimately, experience a smoother and faster payment of valid claims (within the SCAP limit).

The next step will be to build the approach to automating the process, exploring the use of Robotics. The timeline is dependent upon actual throughput volumes which are currently being estimated.

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