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CS brings single sign-on for LM TOM Solutions

Common Services (CS), a suite of tools planned for roll out by the LM TOM programme in August, will enable the market to access and move between LM TOM Solutions with just a single sign-on (SSO).

The first LM TOM solution to benefit from this more efficient way of logging-in will be DA SATS in Q3 2018. Market firms intending to use DA SATS will be supported in setting up CS as part of the DA SATS on-boarding process. Following the roll-out to DA SATS, existing LM TOM Solutions will look to adopt CS and it will become the standard access method for future Solutions. Market firms are invited to support the upcoming Market Acceptance Testing (MAT) to help drive the success of CS. For more information, or to register your interest in CS and MAT, please email

Benefits of CS

1. Single Sign-On (SSO)
Enables users to access LM TOM services with a single username and password. Usually, this will be the credentials used to access a user’s own Organisational IT. Market practitioners will be able to move between systems securely and seamlessly without the need for repeated log ins.

2. Application Programme Interface Gateway (API GWY)
A secure and simple method for integrating IT systems with other market-wide Solutions. This will allow in-house and LM TOM systems to interact without expensive integration, as well as allowing access to useful data from the Market Business Glossary.

3. Secure Data Exchange (SDE)
An optional product that allows the simple, secure exchanging of data between users in accredited market organisations.