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Common Services (CS)

Welcome to Common Services (CS)

Common Services allows organisations and end users to access LM TOM services in a simple, secure and standardised way. The 3 components of CS are:

  1. Single-Sign On - enabling users to access LM TOM solutions seamlessly through a single username and password. For most users, this will be the same credentials used to access their workplace IT services. The system works without the need for any passwords to be shared with LM TOM and reduces the number of times a user has to login to different systems.
  2. API Gateway - an easy way for firms to integrate LM TOM and third party services in their own back office IT systems, helping firms to adopt new solutions quickly and efficiently.
  3. Secure Data Exchange - an optional component providing a channel to exchange securely encrypted files of any type up to 1GB between market participants and, in time, with LM TOM solutions.

The sections below provide further detail on Common Services. If you have any questions that aren’t answered by the material available – or if you wish to on-board to CS - please email CS@lmtom.london