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Claims / Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

Designing a world-leading, modern, flexible claims service

The claims modernisation Steering Group has agreed the strategy and vision for a flexible customer-centric claims model, which encompasses;

  • Customer / 3rd Party Access & Communication - a flexible  distribution model and direct access via customer and 3rd party portals
  • Reduced claims lifecycle - appropriate claims settlement and claims management processes to streamline all claims types = standard, SCAP, complex, CAT and DA Claims, reducing the claims lifecycle and simplifying the agreement / processing chain
  • Flexible & enhanced settlement methods - optimised payments which reduces settlement times, including direct and local settlement (where appropriate)

This is to be delivered by utilising modern and emerging technologies with the objective of enhancing the customer’s experience, via a London claims model that will deliver direct benefits to customers, carriers, our delegated agents and brokers.

Consideration is being given to Block Chain and DLT technology. Analysis will be conducted and the claims workstream will be informed on its potential and how it can meet the claims strategy. It is believe that this technology could improve claims processing and settlement methods.

An external claims survey managed by Haggie confirmed that 98% of Managing Agents (48 of 52) are supportive of the claims modernisation programme and vision.  


To move to a new flexible customer centric model for optimised claims processing which encompasses;

  • Flexible distribution and customer facing portals
  • Appropriate claims settlement and claims management processes to streamline all claims types = standard, SCAP, complex, CAT and DA Claims
  • Optimised payments which reduce settlement times and reduce credit risks, including direct settlement where appropriate
  • Comprehensive market-wide claims reporting and MI suites
  • Embracing all appropriate technologies to support the overall claims processing

Progress to date

A series of workshops have been held to engage the market and capture high and low level requirements that are needed to deliver the technology and services to support claims. Suppliers are being engaged to respond to the requirements and provide a range of estimates, a business case is being drafted to articulate how the claims model vision will be met, what would be delivered and at what cost to the market.

At the same time, DLT and Blockchain prototypes are being assessed to inform the Claims Steer Co. as to how a solution and components of the claims model can be delivered by DLT technology. This will also form part of the business case. Mid-term deliverables such as claim portals, a claims agreement platform and (RPA) automation, all of which are required to interact with DLT, are being focused on for delivery within 12-15 months.